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Too long; didn’t read: Texte aus Drehbuch-, Film- und Welttheorie, kurz, knapp, bündig zusammengefasst und auf ihren Wert fürs filmschreiben hin geprüft. Heute das Kapitel »The Oppositional Gaze« von bell hooks aus ihrem Buch Black Looks: Race and Representation. In 140 Zeichen…

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A total of 5,799 speaking or named characters on screen were evaluated, with 30.9% female and 69.1% male. This calculates into a gender ratio of 2.24 males to every one female. Turning to protagonists, only 23.3% of the films had a girl…

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“Since you’re a woman, would you consider writing for children’s shows?” I sat and listened to our Executive Producer rank the actresses on the show in terms of “fuckability.” I needed to act like “the girl I was born as” and “go…

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