Link: United We Stand (But divided we have more control?)

Die aus Deutschland stammende us-amerikanische Drehbuchautorin und Regisseurin (und ehemalige Stunt-Frau und ehemalige Kampfkunst-Weltmeisterin) Lexi Alexander hat eine ähnliche Meinung zum Geoblocking wie wir. Die tut sie hier auf ihrem Blog kund, der auch sonst sehr lesenswert ist (z.B. die MPAA-Kritik).

And let’s be honest, who benefits most from European foreign pre-sales money? 1) USA, 2) UK. What? You thought there’s crazy demand for German movies or TV series around the world? Hate to disappoint you, but other than recent Scandinavian fare, the English speaking world is not that impressed by any European productions.


In a way I feel that those who oppose a single European license based on local film producers fears — are enabling a film industry that is in denial about digital technology.

In other words: HELLOOOOO! Geoblocks are not working. You’re trying to control your customers and by doing that you end up frustrating them…and what does a customer do who’s frustrated and feels disrespected? That’s right, they’re going to disrespect you back.

We can cover that by a line of dialogue...

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